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Get Top Dollar for Lottery Payments in only 48hrs!

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Sell Your Lottery Payments


Lottery winners are unique as there financial settings dramatically change overnight.  For most people that do win, payments mandated by each state require the winner to take payments and not receive a lump sum up front.


While each state has there own statutes and regulations, rest assured the staff here can get you a lump sum of cash for your states lotto winnings.


The thrill of winning is all yours and may we extend a congratulations to you.  Chances are that while winning the lottery has provided a financial fortune, sometimes lotteries may not payout

the way you want.  Typically lottery winners receive payments over a period of time; be it weekly, monthly or annually.  If these payments do not suit your current financial goals, evaluating lump sum cash options might be on your horizon.


Reasons for utilizing your future winnings for present goals can be more than useful:  payoff mortgage, purchase a vehicle, start a business, establish funds for family etc.  The penultimate question is always, "How much can I get", and when you call in, we can figure out the exact number that makes sense to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I

    Sell My Annuity?


    Each annuitant has different cash needs that arise from various life situations. Your settlement is your money and you need it now.

    Why wait?

  • How Long Does

    The Process Take?


    The process from first communication to funding differs on the jurisdiction you reside in. THE ENTIRE PROCESS FROM CASH ADVANCE THROUGH FUNDING IS APPROXIMATELY 30-40 DAYS.

  • How Much Do You
    Charge For A Quote?


    Quotes are free of charge and carry no commitment. We are simply here to assist you in your financial decision.

  • Do You Charge Any
    Additional Fees?


    There are no hidden costs. We are an all-comprehensive team with the ability to serve you from start to finish.

  • What is a
    Structured Settlement?

    AnswerA structured settlement by definition is a form of compensation awarded to the victim (plaintiff) of a personal injury lawsuit against the defendant in a court of law.  The majority of cases settle before going to a jury trial, at which time a specific amount of money is made by the defendant to the plaintiff.  Often the plaintiffs’ attorney will suggest an alternate to a one time lump sum payment; a structured settlement.  This type of settlement calls for payments over a long period of time to ensure the victim receives money for most of their lives if not there entire life.

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I'd say most winners feel or felt the same way; for awhile.  Then an opportunity came up when my favorite restaurant was up for sale in town.  I thought, 'I love this place and would hate to see it go away'.  So I made the decision to cash in a portion of my winnings to purchase my favorite restaurant.


It’s the best thing I've ever done.  Even better, no one knows I own it!  The power that cashing in my annuity has elevated my life and saved my favorite restaurant.


- Charles A.

After winning a scratch-off in Massachusetts, I figured the annual payments would be great for 20 years.  The money came in and life was sweet and no issues and was very comfortable.


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