Top 3 Reasons to Sell Your Structured Settlement:

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Top 3 Reasons to Sell Your Structured Settlement


Home Ownership

Many people think that home ownership is impossible no matter how hard they work or how much they save.  This is entirely incorrect.  Utilizing your annuity for either a down payment or an all cash purchase is easier than you might think.  Most folks have less than perfect credit, possible tax issues or delinquencies from past money problems.  This fear makes people with annuities frightened to even think of owning a home or getting a mortgage.  Well let us show you how that your annuity can work in two amazing ways:  First off, your annuity is an income asset which you can use in the same fashion as an income from a job.  Meaning that banks, lenders, and mortgage brokers who issue mortgages can use your annuity as income to qualify you for a mortgage.


These days it’s difficult to qualify for a mortgage with no job or no income; your annuity can solve this problem.  Secondly, once getting a lump sum for your annuity or part of your annuity will show the same lenders that you have an adequate down payment for a home.  Usually you need a minimum of twenty percent down of the purchase price of a home, so a $100,000.00 home you would need $20,000.00.  Ninety percent of all structured settlement annuities have a present value of at least $20,000.00 meaning the home of your dreams is closer than you think.  Call in today to discuss how your annuity can be used in two different ways to attain the American Dream: home ownership.




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Eliminating Debt

Many types of debt cripple the American people day in and day out.  Unrelenting phone calls and intimidating mail are a few tactics that plague Americans every day that suffer from debt.  Be it credit card debt, mortgage delinquencies, student loans or hospital bills, debt can come from anywhere at any time.   Most people don’t believe there annuities can wipe out consumer debt in is as little as 45 days.  Each day and month your debt goes unpaid, the higher and higher your debt becomes making it harder and harder to pay it off.  Your annuity can rid any and all types of debt from the lump sum you receive when the cash is in your bank account.


Debt can hurt your everyday life from wage garnishment to monthly payments.  But the real toll debt takes is the mental part: knowing every day that you owe somebody can halt any progress, hurt your job performance, or bring down you and your families moods.  We can get rid of your debt with one simple phone call.  With the experience of our annuity specialists, we customize a plan with your annuity to optimize the best situation for your debt problems. Americans with debt average about $10,000.00, and with over ninety percent of annuity holders have a present value of $20,000.00, so there’s a great chance we can end your debt problems now.    Let us help stop the collection calls and non-stop pestering with a call to Intelifund.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I

    Sell My Annuity?


    Each annuitant has different cash needs that arise from various life situations. Your settlement is your money and you need it now.

    Why wait?

  • How Long Does

    The Process Take?


    The process from first communication to funding differs on the jurisdiction you reside in. THE ENTIRE PROCESS FROM CASH ADVANCE THROUGH FUNDING IS APPROXIMATELY 30-40 DAYS.

  • How Much Do You
    Charge For A Quote?


    Quotes are free of charge and carry no commitment. We are simply here to assist you in your financial decision.

  • Do You Charge Any
    Additional Fees?


    There are no hidden costs. We are an all-comprehensive team with the ability to serve you from start to finish.

  • What is a
    Structured Settlement?

    AnswerA structured settlement by definition is a form of compensation awarded to the victim (plaintiff) of a personal injury lawsuit against the defendant in a court of law.  The majority of cases settle before going to a jury trial, at which time a specific amount of money is made by the defendant to the plaintiff.  Often the plaintiffs’ attorney will suggest an alternate to a one time lump sum payment; a structured settlement.  This type of settlement calls for payments over a long period of time to ensure the victim receives money for most of their lives if not there entire life.

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Purchase a Vehicle

The ability to independently move around at your own wish is defined by the US government as a privilege.   Unfortunately this privilege is not recognized by more than half of all American workers that commute to work using another form of transportation.  Owning a car opens up multiple channels of opportunity for you and your family from work to school to child and elder care.  Many Americans struggle with simple tasks from food shopping to doctor visits because a vehicle has not been in their budget.


But armed with a structured settlement annuity, a vehicle purchase and a new beginning is closer than you think.  Instead of waking up extra early to catch two or three different buses or trains to get to work, your vehicle will keep you sleeping!  Get home in time to see and spend time with your family without the commuter delays you are familiar with.  When emergencies do arise, don’t count on anyone to get you or a loved one to help immediately; just get in your car and go! In America, most used vehicles are under $10,000.00 and about half of new cars are under $20,000.00.  With ninety percent of annuities present value at $20,000.00, we will have you turning your car’s ignition is as little as 45 days.


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